Daddys Little Girl.

I too lost my dad to cancer. He was the best guy in my life. (I now have my husband)

Well, here goes. I haven't really told many people this. But this is the best place to start.

My dad and I were not very close growing up. But we finally got it right. One day I guess I was 26 or 27. He came to me and told me he had a test done at Jonh Hopkins. A gene test. And they found that this gene was bad. And he might want to tell his children so we can get tested. So I got tested and have the same bad gene. (What it is , is we have to get tests done more often then others. ) All kinds of cancer tests. And for me ovarian cancer and stuff like that. Anyway, we got really close after that.

Couple years past and everything was great. But then one day they found a tumor. He got that taken care of. Then found another. That went on for a couple of years. Then he had colon cancer. They took some of his colon and went through radiation treatments. That took a toll on my dad.

Then when I thought he was ok. He wasn't. He was hiding it from me. And you would think I would have known. Hell, I was helping him mow yards. Till one day I turned the corner of a house and saw him on the ground pointing to his pocket. Got in his pocket there was a pill he had to slip it under his tonge. I was so scared. I didn't know what was going on. He finally told me they found more cancer. This time stomach cancer. He stopped mowing and I took over.

A little time past and he was not getting any better. He was tired of fighting. He wanted to give up. Till one day, I talked him to fight one more time. Spent the day before surgery with him. He was in so much pain and hiding it very well. We talked and decided that the day of surgery I was not to come out cause after words he would be very tired. I would go the following day. But my stepmom would call me to let me know how it went.

So i'm waiting for a call which took for ever. Got the call when I was taking my schoolbus back to the lot. My stepmom says, You need to come to the hospitol asap things have changed. So I get to the hospital and my dad wants to talk to me. Long story short, there was nothing they could do for him. He was to far gone. They gave him a couple months to live.

I went the next day to see my dad and he look really bad. Had a balloon and stuffed eagle for him. ( he loves eagles) Was sitting with him and he kept going in and out of sleep. Didn't think nothing of it. Then he said to me why don't you come back later so I can get some sleep. Finally saying yes to him I left. And 15 minites after I left I got a call from the hospital to come out. Got there and he past away.

I wish I would not have listened to him and stayed by his side. To this day it is so hard for me . It feels like it was yesturday.

Love you dad and miss you for ever.      Feb. of 2006

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I am so sorry for your lose. I would love for us to support each other. And your right, it does suck. We will get thru it together.

Tears are streaming down my face as I'm writing.My Dad,my protector and hero,died March 26th,2008 at 11:11am from multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow) and parkinson's.I can't believe he's gone either.I hope we can all support each other in this group,with the holidays coming in the next few months,it's going to suck!

I read this a cried. I'm not close to my father so I wouldn't care if anything happened to him. Not really I mean I might feel a little bit sad, but wish I had that relationship with my father that you had. I miss my mom. i was young when she died, I still remember a little bit about her and everyday I hear new stories about her that make me learn more and more about who she is and how she is.<br />
I cried when i read your story. broke my heart. Even though I don't know you or him, it makes me feel like cryig my eyes out.