Lost A Great Dad

I lost my dad on Dec 16th 2012, a month ago. He was fighting with Pan cancer. A great dad, a great personality, a great strength for his family and friends. He was a man of determination and always lived with a mission to help people. leadmind.blogspot.com/
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I also lost a great Dad to cancer, he was 54...way too young.

As one who has been through this (died 2003), I want to first stress my sympathy, I don't know you, but all too well the feelings and emotions.

At first it will be easier than you can imagine, but gets hard when friends and family have moved on and expect you to do as well, but you can't just yet. Just remember there are many who go through this and you are not alone.

Best of luck to you and remember to focus on the good memories and funny stories...and laugh at the little quirks he had that you might have hated, but nevertheless miss. That has worked quite well for me.