This Time Last Year.

This time last year we found out that my Dad had lung cancer and that it was in the final stages.He was taken away from us on 11/03/08.I miss him so much and my life will never be the same.I have more good days than bad now but with christmas creeping up i feel like i'm having a few more bad.

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I just lost my mom. I get so sad, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Debbie

Smasleeandserenity,I'm so sorry for the loss of your Dad.It's one of the hardest things ever.I was with my Dad also and how ever hard it was seeing him take his last breath i felt at peace to know that he was no longer in pain.Here for you.Hugs xxx

I just lost my dad on 12/21/08 to cancer. It was melanoma that mestasticized and spread everywhere. The day before thanksgiving, which is two days before his birthday, the doctors said it had spread to the lining of his brain and spinal cord and gave him less than two months to live. I spent the last to weeks of his life with him every day. I was holding his hand while he passed. I can truly relate to you. I feel like there's no one who really understands what just happened to me. I don't know anyone who's lost their father ... especially to cancer, let alone been there at the moment of passing. I hope things get better for you and you are in my thoughts.

Thank you RDT,I'm sorry for your loss.(((Hugs)))

I lost my dad almost 5 years ago...not to cancer, but to CPD. I can so relate to your feelings. There is not one day that goes by that I don't miss my dad, and most days would give anything to spend just 5 more minutes with him. I agree...the holidays are the hardest. Time helps, but the void will always be there. The first everythings are the worst. Hang in there.

Anewme,That is so lovely to have dream of your parents.It must feel so comforting that you know they are with each other and are happy again.x

I lost my dad in September-I was very close with him-I think of him everyday and even think "I need to give dad a call" as we talked every Sunday--he lived in Fla. and that's just one of the "things" we did. I dreamt of he and my mom a couple nights ago--was nice--woke up thinking "they're together" and felt content.

Thank you for commenting on my story.Unless you have been through it i dont think some people undestand.I am so sorry for the family you have lossed.Hugs x

i am sooo sorry for your loss. i lost my dad to cancer 3 years ago. i have walked in your shoes and definitely understand. too many times, people make you think you should be over it in a short period of time. only time can help lessen the pain. my mom died when i was 18 and there are still those moments, but less and less frequent as time goes by. just know that your friends love you and care.