My Darling Dad ;-)

My Dad would wipe my face with a wet flannel and scream alsorts of abuse at me so that i would get up for work! LOL He would come a drag me indoors when i was a crazy teenager getting p-i-s-s-e-d on the cheap booze!  He would iron my school uniform, Invite my Boy mates in the house for a beer! eat my leftovers so my mum didn't moan! Take me in the bookies and give me a pen and a slip of paper to draw on while he put bets on! cook me a big fry up on a Sunday!  Carry heavy bags off shopping up to our house and i used to wonder how was he so strong! He was scared of no-one and I remember a few punch ups he got into!! He was the cleverest, funniest person i knew and would take the

p-i-s-s- out of Old people sitting on the Bus who were younger than him!! he would stand behind my Nan when she was moaning and do a hand puppet imitating her moaning, everyone in my family loved him like crazy, he was "Uncle Ted". My father died of cancer of the pancreas and i had to watch him go from being a fit and healthy 76 year old man, who would eat like a horse and drink like a fish!! He was a bit of a boozer! to a skeletal, weak, yellow funny smelling human being who life was draining away, what did it for me was one day when he got in the bath, but couldnt get out! and i had to lift him, his 22 year old daughter!   I was heartbroken he was the love of my life!   he stayed at home until his lung continously keep filling with fluid it was finally impractical for him to be at home. So after being in hospital for a week, on a Thursday i finally accepted he didnt have long left and i sat there and cried my eyes out telling him how the hell i was gonna cope without him, he used to get me out of all sorts of s-h-i-t and i adored him! But that night i thought to myself if he is still like this by the following week, then i was gonna put him out of his misery! i didnt care about going to jail i just could watch it anymore! Lucky for me he was dead by Monday morning. The hospital rang and said he was on his last legs but he was already dead, if i had known i would never have gone to the hospital cos i wasnt interested in looking at his dead body. I left the hospital straight away before all the family mob arrived, and instead i rang a friend didnt tell him what had happened and spent the rest of the day walking round a wholesalers shopping with absolute relief!
  13 years on it really doesnt seem that long ago and I still trying not to cry writing all this!   I love my Dad and i think of him every day x

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Your dad sounded like a great dad. I understand going shopping with a friend. I left my dad when I knew he'd never wake again. It's been almost six weeks. I knew it was a matter of hours so I said a private goodbye and left him to go find a dress for his funeral. I was on my way to the hairstylist appointment when my step sister called six hours later to tell me he'd stopped breathing. I saw no need in going back. I didn't care what anyone thought. I went ahead and got my hair done. I needed to be busy and I needed time away from his wife and step family.

The thought of losing a father is so hard.<br />
I lost my Mom 6yrs on March 4th. It still feels like yesterday. Now, instead of crying everyday, I'm down to special events. Like now. Thank you for sharing your story.

I am so so sorry ...I know now how it feels like, as my father is still critical (but not on life-support anymore) It feels like the end of the world, doesn't it xxx

Wow... I'm so sorry for your lost. He sounds like a wonderful person. I would of loved to have a father like him. My dad, he's still alive; so I wouldn't know what your experience feels like. Although... my dad is alive and well, really my dad is killing himself. My parents got divorced when I was 12 years old. Since then my father has never been the same. To take his pain away, he turned to drugs. He's not your typical drug addict, a lot of people can't even tell that he does it. He looks normal. But he is. He a very talented man, I wish he would of put that to use to cope with his loss. My father was an abusive spouse. At times when I was little he would verbally abuse me as well. Since my mother left my father he's spent most of his life, feeling guilty. He's always telling me that I don't love. That's why I don't come to see him. The reason I don't see my father is because I don't want to watch him die a slow death. It's really hard. Despite all that's happened my family is still going strong. My mother has remarried, I have a great step father and my parents are still friends. You are quite lucky to have had a great father. He obviously was blessed with a great child who loves him very much.