Lost My Rock

I lost my father to cancer in November of 2007 although it seems like yesterday. The memory of that day so vivid. I can't seem to accept it very well.  I feel lost without him. He was diagnosed in October of 2006 with lung cancer. He was a smoker but they actually ruled it caused by agent orange. My dad was a United States Marine and served in Vietnam. I joined this group because I am hoping someone has some advice for me. Something that might help me accept or cope with this better.

daddysgirl0621 daddysgirl0621
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Wow, that is ironic. I actually lost my father November 9, 2007. I was very much daddy's girl. I didn't know that my father had lung cancer at all until about 15 days before he passed away. For everyone else it seems like a century ago, but it still hurts for me to talk about it. I start to cry. It is hard, and I don't think that it ever gets easier unfortantaly