This Wonderful Man Is Gone From This Life.

I did not face the diagnosis totally, because this wonderful, strong, gentle man would have to live forever.  He was just too much of an addition to this life.  He loved wildlife and fed them daily.  He was always ready to give wonderful wise advice for every problem.  So calm and such a really sweet man.  Sadly, this wonderful man went on to his better life in July of 2001.   My work requires that I drive on some really bad mountain roads, and I felt my Dad was there guiding me in these situations.  I had driven about a half mile out one  narrow road only to find the bank had slid in on it and was blocked off. My worst fear was backing back out and backing over the mountain.  My Dad had always tried to get me to improve my driving with backing out, but I hated it so was a terrible driver when backing up.  But, I stopped, took a deep breath, and it was as if my Dad was still there saying "You can do it, just take your time."  So, I backed the half mile out slowly, but with all the confidence that wonderful man had always instilled in me.  So all he taught me and all he was is still there with me today.

againstthewind againstthewind
61-65, F
Sep 29, 2007