It Doesn't Get Any Easier...

I lost my father when I was 11. Shortly before my dad died, I lost a grandfather. Shortly after my dad died, I lost my other grandfather.

This June it will be 14 years since my dad has been gone. People say it gets easier with time, but it doesn't.

I have not had one steady man in my life since my grandfathers and my dad passed away. I am afraid to let any men into my life 'cause I'm afraid that when I do, they'll just leave. I have tried to let a few men into my life, but they just end up leaving me.

I lost my father and one grandfather from a disease that I have. This has not made my life any easier.
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2 Responses Mar 22, 2007

i dont think it will ever get easier, i cry every single day. but i just try to do one thing every day to make my dad proud and smile xxxxx

be strong and positive...<br />
always think that you are loved and blessed. :))