Daddy 11/02/2012

My dad passed away on the 11th Feb 2012 after spending 25 days in an intensive care unit 30 days in hospital. I never got to say goodbye as he fell unconscious one hour before I arrived to the hospital. He passed away from a extremely rare form of pneumonia. I was in the room with him when he took his very last breath. I was only just 22 years old when my dad passed away.

My dad died on my Aunts his Sisters Birthday it was such a hard day as the doctor called a family meeting, and told us that there was nothing more they could do for him, and that it was time they took him off the high frequent ventilator as it was making him worse then better as his lungs were so brittle that they torn and clasped, so they put him back onto a normal ventilator, and he couldn't take in enough oxygen so his heart finally gave in after about an hour of sitting with him, watching his oxygen levels falling and heart rate falling, until he was gone. My dad entered that hospital weighing about 90kgs and died less then 70kgs.

I miss my dad every day. people say it gets easier, does it really? because at the moment it just seem to be getting harder....... I have now realised who my real friends are, at the worst time in your life peoples true colours show. Which makes losing my dad so much harder as i have lost my best friend of 10 years, she so isn't the person i ever thought she was. I texted her the day after my dad passed away to get her to take a day off work, asking her to take a day off work as i would need her support for the day of my dad funeral. 

She text she back asking me what was happening on that day firstly..... when i told her, she then told me that she told me that she had a doctor appointment that she couldn't miss that was 5 hours after my dad funeral finished. Then when I told her that if it to hard for her to come, don't bother coming at all. She told me quote "once in your life stop being a b**ch!" I cried for about 3 days because of everything. Almost 3 months on she still is abusing me because i'm getting attention from people she should be getting attention from because she's planning a wedding. And she tells me 3 days ago that it was only your dad that died shouldn't you be over that already? 

Sorry that kinda went off track....... I miss my dad everyday. He was the person could talk to about anything and everything. he ever judged i could come home and tell him the worst this in the world and he'd help. He is my Hero. I'm never going to forget him, i'm the person i am today because of that man.

Rest in Peace Dad.... I love you to the moon and back and all around the world.  
LanieLu LanieLu
22-25, F
May 6, 2012