I Lost My Dad.

On April 3, 2011 I lost my dad. I was at my moms house when i heard allot of screaming. I was up stairs when I heard the screaming. I then went down stairs to see what was going on and to see if i can be of any assistance. Then I heard my sister say " Daddy is dead" .... as always i don't believe it because sometimes they always play like that, until i got the phone to talk to my grandma and ask what was going on. Then she start screaming saying "yo daddy dead, yo daddy dead" ...... I am not the hysterical person to drop out on the floor and just yell "why god"....Instead I held it in and went back up stairs quietly and called my husband. I started to shake as I dialed his number; he answered I then told him what happened. He was at work at the time it happen. I then called me friend and she was able to take me in the city to where he was at. I found my grandma and my dad. There my dad layed on my aunts basements floor ( as family was telling me) face down with blood spilling out of his mouth. Not many people would want to remember there father like the way I was being told. I stayed outside on the sidewalk with my friend and watched them carried his body away. From then on I always think about him. I miss him like hell. I dont think there could ever be a better man than him. GONE AND ALWAYS FOREVER MISSED.
DiScReTePoEt DiScReTePoEt
18-21, F
May 7, 2012