To Cancer.

Metastatic liver cancer to bones within the first month or two. Then eventually mets found in the adrenal areas and lungs, until his gradual demise.

Only took about 2 years. Found out Feb. 2010. Died April 30th, 2012 at 3:33 am.

He saw the best doctors all around the world. Doctors from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital, and even Singapore. His doctors were the best of the best. top graduates from Duke, Columbia, and John Hopkins. My father was on every chemo available to man kind, according to the doctors. They did and tried everything they could. Everything. Even combinations of different chemos. Breast, prostrate, liver ofc, lung, idk what else have you. His cancer was far too aggressive.

He would fly to singapore from bangladesh every two weeks for treatment, and radiation and in addition to all that he was also taking oral chemo pills. We really did not want this man to die. So many people (not just the immediate family) depend on him.

I think it still feels like he just went on a business trip or something, some engagement.  and he'll be back eventually. It hasn't or it doesn't feel like I've actually lost my father forever. That' he's gone and never coming back. That I will NEVER EVER see him again. I've gone months without seeing daddy because i'd be at college or whatever. And i've gone a long time without speaking to him too. He's always been busy with work so... with only 20 days passed, it still hasn't HIT me. My father is really gone. He is gone. Just gone gone gone gone gone...

I will never see or hear him ever again. I will never hug him, I will never speak to him. I will never hear him call me princess. I will never get his phone calls at the most inopportune moments...

My dad's gone.. and he's left an empty space in my heart and in my life..
CrazyHappySad CrazyHappySad
31-35, F
May 19, 2012