Wish I Could Have Done More...

MY pala ( means father) was a great father and he would always take me with him where ever he goes . He was always there for me but one day he was taken to a hospital and nobody told me what's happening. The next time i saw him and probably the last time was when he came home from hospital and i saw he had lost so much weight and i didn't really knew what to do because i am bad at expressing myself (i still am )and just gave him the things i brought and went to school like that. I have never lost someone i knew or knew the feeling of losing someone. After few days i heard  he got worse and was taken back to the hospital and i still didn't knew what was happening to him and all the people around me are not explaining. The next day when i was in school, i still remembered that  time someone came to me and said "your father has passed away" and i just stood there thinking that can't be happening, "how can my dad die?. Then my cousin came to me and started crying and that's when i burst into tears. I was 11 at that time and i never told him how much i love him and that's the most thing i regret. If i could go back to that time i would have taken care of him and done more and lastly say how much i love and he is the greatest and most short-tempered father in the world but how was i supposed to know that i will never see him again after that day. I am nineteen now and few years before i asked my mom how he died and she said cancer. I know that she had the hardest time of all because she was pregnant with my second brother when my dad passed away. So, Wherever you are now , I hope you know that i have always loved you and will love you even though i never told you.
palabmo palabmo
May 20, 2012