I Miss You A Lot Dad

I miss my dad. That was a Sunday 5 Feb 2012 my dad and my mom went to my uncle home from there they wanted to go for shopping on the occasion of my cousin wedding even my aunt went with them. they were travelling in an auto suddenly another auto came and hit them my dad sat in front at right side of the driver my dad and my aunt fell to the right side of the road and my mom to the left side after a long time they have taken to the hospital i my bro sis  were at home suddenly we got a call that they met with an accident my hands was shivering i was not able to understand what to do i ran to my sisters home and they went we were asked to stay at home. i was crying praying but at the eve we got a call that my dad is no more i was shocked not able to understand what to do i cant even explain my situation at that time
kkavitha kkavitha
May 21, 2012