I Wish I Knew Where You Were

3 days ago was the last time i saw my dad. He had just gotten out of jail for crossing people from mexico to the u.s when he was young. After serving his time, he was sent back to mexico and was living in a hotel. He was going to come back to us to help my mom raise my siblings and me. The day he was arrested was just a month before his birthday. That day he was going to go pick up my mom from work since she didnt know how to drive. On their way back home, while driving my dad forgot to put the arrow signal do he was stopped by the police. Never had my dad been stopped by the police in years, but unluckily this time he had. After giving his name the officer saw that his record and knew he wasnt supposed to be here but in mexico. He was put in jail for a year leaving my mom and seven of his kids alone. My mom had to work two jobs day to nite and barely even saw us. So practically it was up to me ,the oldest ,to raise all of my little brothers and sisters. It was hard having to get them ready for school early in the morning, picking them up in the afternoon, cooking for them, then having to do the loads of homework they gave me. My second oldest sister barely even cared about our situation and left with her bf every day, my mom at 37 years old seemed extremely tired and barely even slept. My 1 year old brother grew up not even knowing my dad. It was depressing for me having to be in this situation but even though i cried and cried, i knew not to give up. After the 1 year he did in prison like i said he was sent back to mexico and he stayed there for 2 weeks. My mom went to visit him and stuff but my dad was desperate to come back home and be with us and help my mom out. to come back home my mom needed to get money to pay someone to pass him. We knew it was hard nowadays to pass throught the river due to all the crime and violence in mexico but my dad was willing to risk it. After gathering the money my mom payed a guy to cross my dad over that nite. But the next day she gets a call from my that same guy saying he kidnapped my dad in a place where other people are too. He tells her he needs more money in order to release him and cross him to the u.s. My mom had been left in debt just by getting all the money she had payed him at first but now ho was she supposed to get more? She knew they were hurting my dad so she borowed money and payed the guy. That night again he was supped to cross my dad over tothe u.s and my dad, now over here was to call my mom to go pick him up. We stayed up waiting for the call but we never got it. We dont know wht happened to him but i still stay by the phone hoping to get that call we never got. Hoping to hear my dads voice saying "im here sweetie dont worry everything will be alrite". I just wish i knew where he was and bring him back home with us. I hope your alrite dad wherever you are.
SegundoFer SegundoFer
Sep 15, 2012