My Dad Died Three Days Ago. He Was 87years+32days Old.

His dementia became Alzheimer's. Dad was in a care facility when my brother got a call that he was napping, but his breathing was shallow and labored. They asked how vigorously we wanted to keep him breathing , and my brother said, "No, that's NOT what he would want". A while later they called to say he had died.
My brother was right. When Death came for my Dad it was his time to go. I remember him saying, "If death comes early, he's in for a bare knuckle fight."
I loved him and I am certain he loved me.
My Dad was the sweetest guy. Hard as nails at working, but a dear man at home. He often scrapped his knuckles while doing work around the house. Every weekend he'd go into the garage and come back in with a handkerchief wrapped around his hand. He'd watch the golf tournament and drink a tall glass of RC Cola. He'd putt his golfballs across the living room.
He was scared of spiders. We used to joke that their was a 'rouge black widow' out to get him. Mom told us he would have spider nightmares and wake suddenly, kicking the sheets off. He worked in home construction. Man moved out of caves and Dad built them houses. Good man.

"I never want to see you with a tattoo." - Dad
'Don't worry Dad, you won't." - Me

I'm excited about the tattoo secession tomorrow. I've had a newsprint clipping of the image I've been carrying around for years. I love the artists work. I've got the location picked out and the artist scheduled. I never saved any $ for the tattoo, because I figured that was bad hoodoo. I happen to have the funds available. So it is written. I'm feeling involved in my life again, like I've finished waiting for a race to start.

CactusHammer CactusHammer
46-50, M
Nov 27, 2012