An Empty Space

I look alot like my father. I've got his bleach blonde hair and blue eyes, and his spontaneous personality. Old friends will come up to me and say, "You are definately your father's daughter." I take pride in that.

He was a great man. As a little girl growing up, I looked up to him. He'd watch over my shoulder and keep me out of trouble. We were best friends, always doing something or going somewhere.

He was an alcoholic, and he had major anger issues. I never remember seeing any violence from him, but I know it happened. He let bad things into his life, but I never saw any of it. He was good at hiding stuff.

He had a heart attack and passed away suddenly when I was 10 years old. It was because of alcohol. It's been an empty space since he left. I don't have anyone to look after me anymore. It's hard being here without him. I don't wanna make the same mistakes he did.
Jessluvzlife Jessluvzlife
22-25, F
Jan 19, 2013