My Dad Recently Passed On.......

Nov. 3rd 2008 will be a date I don't think I will ever forget.  My Dad died on this date, I haven't had much time to grieve yet everything seemed to go at full speed since then, it's all such a blur.  It doesn't feel like he is even gone.  I keep expecting him to be at his house sitting in his favorite chair reading the newspaper or watching tv.  Although my Dad and I never really saw eye to eye I still loved him and I miss the debates we had, had before he died.  Today is the day things seem to be getting back to normal for my kids and my husband at least for me and my mom and brother I don't think things will ever be the same.  Today is the first day I've been able to "talk" to Dad (as odd as that sounds) Only my cat can hear my half of the conversation, I don't feel right about "talking" to him with people around.  No, I don't hear him either it's just things I want to say to him I that I couldn't before.  I miss him I don't think that will ever end.  I keep thinking it wasn't supposed to be like this, it's not fair to him or Mom they had planned to go on trips before his illness, he had worked so hard all his life to just have it end like this it isn't right.  I never thought I'd loose him at this point in my life I'm only 28, he was supposed to live into his 80's or 90's not have it end at 62. 

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he i am married withs kids and ye ye u are right life gos on for them .i lost my dad this year in jan cant cope that why i am new to this i need to talk to other that they no what it feels like thanks for your storey

I'm sorry for your lost .....<br />
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May he rest in peace.I am sorry for your loss.If you need someone to talk to send me a message anytime.<br />
<br />
May God give you the strength to carry on.