Losin My Best Friend

MY father sadly passed away at the age of 64.. on the 19 ov january 2008.. its a really big loss to me!!.. cos i was wid my dad all the time!.. and he was like my best friend.. my brother.. my everything!.. the only person who really knew me.


he had a massive stroke on the 27th december 2007.. the doctors n surgens sed there was nuthin e cud do for him.. but to just let him die in hospital.. cud of had n operation to remove the bleed from his brain.. but the op was too risky n IF he made it outta of it coud be serveraly disabled, didn go throu wid it cos my dad was quite a stubbern bugger n wouldn want to live tha way..

after spendin 3 weeks in hospital with no-reply he later died on the early hours on the 19th of jan.., it killed me!!, knowin that e wud never survive, but it doesnt feel real until it acctually happens!, it felt a part of me has gon since he passed away.. and every day is a real struggle for me, think about him every single day n is just little things that brings it on.. it hurts so much!!.. and will miss him till the day i die!!

love u dad.. and we;ll meet again one day.. RIP... my two eyes.. xx

dilwynshep dilwynshep
1 Response Dec 11, 2008

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