Miss Him Alot!!!

It was a sudden to loose him.. Leaving me wiht a vacum in my life... ITs been 4 yrs and i still cant move on... dont Understand how to handle it and cope up with it..... It was sudden and too shockin for me to still get past it... miss him loads...

vrudy vrudy
1 Response Feb 1, 2009

sorry for your lost ...now can you start to move on and <br />
try to read this wonderful story truly makes you feel God's power, love and compassion over His people. An eye opener towards the realms of our spirituality. I urge you to through the links and let know your comments by posting it below. So go on, experience life one's more with God's words...and try to search in google the thankgodforebooks I lost my father by Robert Joseph Iwaniec.... thank you