My Dad Was My World

my dad was my life we did everything together i was the youngest we walked for miles every day to cut a long story short he had a bad heart so they operrated on him and he was never the same again i moved away to be with my husband my 3 other sisters never looked after him he moved to spain because no one was there for him he come to me every summer and every xmas but this year he was over in spain i begged him to come for xmas and my b,day new years eve but he didnt and he died in spain on march the 13th i never got to hold him and say goodbye i still cant grive because i still think he is alive but my sisters are doing his gravestone and i cant answer the phone to them because to me he is not dead my dad promised he would never leave me and to me he has,nt i cry but for wot he,s still here

sexylegs01 sexylegs01
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

Your story makes me cry. I too, just recently lost my father, and his birthday just passed this Feb. 26th. We went to the cemetary and his head stone wasn't there yet, and that made me feel like we had been neglecting my father. But I understand that it isn't our fault that the head stone is not there yet, but I guess I was just trying to blame someone. I know that it hurts really bad to loose a loved one, but we must learn how to grieve. We must learn to let go.