My father died in car crash two years ago and was not a driver at all. I still don't believe it happened. I miss him so much and feel so much pain everyday. I've just listened to some tape and heard his voice after so much time. God I miss it. That voice that used to put smile on my face, and now tears. It's so hard to write these stuff here. Thought it will be easier, though. I'm 18 now and I'm still waiting for the day he comes home, hugs us all and laughs with that his warm laugh. The warmest and the best one. I am kind a mad because he left us like that, even though I know it was not his choice. He died on my sister's 14th birthday. I was the last one that talked to him. Dad, please come home, we really need you!! My excursion and prom and stuff like that is coming and I really need you here!! And to approve my boyfriend too. Love you dad!!
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the same destiny here... I lost my father in a car accident....... I understand all the pain you are going through because I feel the same. I miss my father a lot, he was my best friend, and now I feel lonely............ but we have to be brave, life goes on.....

I am very sorry to hear that you had to go through this. My dad passed when I was 18, he was not ill and it was not planned, he was taken by a freak accident. That was 30 years ago and I still miss him everyday. But he is not gone..... Thats right he is still here with me everyday. Every time I do some work or project around the house there are little bits of wisdom I hear in the back of my mind and it takes me back to something I did prior to his passing. At times when I was raising my kids over the years I would hear his advice or even use some of his own words that I vowed I would never say LOL but there I was saying it. My point is that through the things my father taught me while he was here with us, he has put his mark in my heart and in my life and as long as I continue to remember him he will never truly be gone. Do not be sad because he left.... be happy that he was with you as long as he was and remember him always.