Father a Word Which Gives Teach of a Life

 Hi everyone ,

In my life there is a person whom i loved a lot i lived to fulfill his dreams i always cared for him

yes that god gifted person is my father basavaraju even he too loving  me a lot but his death seperated both of us    i dont know where he is know we both shared our dreams, whatever work we share 

My Father always wanted me to enjoy the lifem, live happily ,he never use to tell me his problems and famiy problems  always he alone swallowing taking pain

giving only sweet  things to me even i told him sometimes that u r not a good father those times i dont know how much he taken pain at those time  when i realised that from him i use to convince him in a positive way ohhh god what a wonderfull  gift the father is .

A Father all the life suffers, swallow the pain he wont cry , work for his children and wife never look help from his childrens

even i am an working employee earning he never ask a money from me whenever i returning from my native he used to offer money to me . "A heart who always think of a sons happy"

lot of happy momment we shared both lot of time i expressed my love to him but he never expressed his love infront of me but for him  i am his loving kid 

i done everything to make him happy to fulfill his dreams killed my dreams my happiness just to make him happy i never thought in the middle of life he will leave me 

i am proud for a life he has given me i am happy know standing on my own legs but always i have a guilty complex that at the end days of his life i have to be with him by serving him even he too called me to come back to native

but i unable to go there but always i use to call him daily.whenever i use to go to my house in native my father use to treat me as a VIP even when he is in bed looking my face he tried to ask my welfare at that point he lost is cantrol over breath finally i am the one who is reasponsible for his death pithrushokam always giving pain from my heart it will never go until my death

My Father is the worlds best father even though he is a heart patient he never cared for his life always 

fight for their wife and childrens his childwood also not so good his parents giving so much beatings not enough money from his childwood itself he is a fighter for everything 

when he get married to my mother his father has not given any property to my father and he stopped or neglected my father he sacrified his happiness at that time and kept his wife and childrens away from that 

city only to make his wife and childrens leave happily my father and mother not lived together until my father death my father or mother used to leave together hardly one or two days in a week as they both are employees and leaving in different cities

My father has not did the mistake as his father did he given every love and care to us teached a lesson to us to walk in a good and justified path

My younger brother too miss him a lot even he too sacriffied his studies to take care of my father he was there with my mother for to take care of my father health he ended his studies and stayed with my father to take care of him 

My mother she never seen happy since birth for me she is a God she too worked hard to fulfill my father desire

to make him happy all the time she used to take care of both the houses which is in different cities

all these what i am writing here are my feelings may this may there after my death also 

I know only to reach the goals of my father know my father is not there i feel lonely i cannot say these to anyone i am thinking to end of my life know but some desires which my father has not completed i am fulfilling those desires a reason to leave after these things may i wont be there in this world

Oh God take my life to your legs i want to end my life

i cannot imagine a life without him i am guilty for my mothers present  situation ,i am the reasponsible  to ****** a father from my younger brother, i am reasponsible to my father death.

oh father memories of yours always there in my heart

walking in roads holding your  fingers

learning the life seeing yours experence 

for me you are the real man and a role model

death may taken u apart from me 

behind death there is a love which make both of us join

ohh father u will be there in your sons heart until his death

i never forget you 

i never forget you


Lohith :(





Lohithhsn Lohithhsn
Jun 24, 2009