What Kind Of Person Does This To Someones Dad?

 What kind of person does this to someones Dad? Please excuse my poor writing & grammar .


I'm going to make this quick & to the point without many details or I could be writing this all day.


I loved my Dad very much and we had a pretty decent relationship as father & son considering what I've seen from others in my lifetime.

My Dad just died in December due to a bad hernia operation in a 3rd world country, he was only 69. Prior to his death he was living with a woman he had met who was 3 years younger than me and Im 38. I didn't trust this woman from the start PERIOD, but I figured if he's happy what's the problem. 

My Father was retired and receiving his S.S. in this country where the average monthly salary is around $350 USD. My dad let her live with him rent free, she was working and sending the money she earned to her mother every month & overall my dad gave her a good life next to what she would have had on her own. I spoke with my Dad after his operation and he was trying to tell me things about this woman but couldn't because she was near, I can imagine what he was trying to tell me now.

Well, around Thanksgiving I get a email from her saying how my dad is very sick and in the Hospital & that I should come down right away. I got a flight and went down to see what was going on. I was there for 2 weeks up until my father passed away due to the very shady hospitals & care that was given in this country. 

I can see that my story is sort of getting away from me so I'm going to sum it up now.

My Dad was cremated and the woman refused to return his remains or any of his belongings to me.

She cleaned out his bank accounts and wasn't even married to him.

I went to the US Embassy while I was there in hopes they would help me get my fathers remains back from her. The US Embassy really disappointed me as far as the assistance I was given. I mean my dad was an American citizen and this woman basically kidnapped his remains from me. I didn't know what to do after this. I still feel the US Embassy should have helped me some more but I don't know who to speak to since I'm back home in the USA now.

Anyway, This woman still had my Dads remains and all his things, she will not return email or answer calls and is most likely already living with her next victim.

   What kind of person keeps a sons fathers remains from them & feels it's valid after only knowing this person for 4-5 years?

I guess I should expect a ransom email from her sometime asking me for $ if I want his remains back. 

I hope & prey that Karma will take care of this woman for all she has put me & my family through.

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I know exactly how you feel my fathers wife of 4 years kept everything including old family pics and movies that had nothing to do with her. I am sorry for your loss. I had to let go of all of that anger because it was tearing me up inside. It's been 10 years and at this point the loss of my father still haunts me but I feel no anger towards that woman. I had to forgive her in order to move forward in my life. It takes time but you will get to that point eventually.

I am naturally curious as to what country this is in, sounds suspicious to me and would sound as suspicious to police? I do not understand what an embassy could do...I guess I am not so well informed as how to deal with crimes in "that other country'? Where was it?