We Planned A Life, And He Didn't Mean It.

My fiance and I were together for two and a half years. Through that, we went through a lot. I was diagnosed with several health issues, and he was always there for me. But he always kept up a wall that I could never penetrate. He could never emotionally connect with me, but I stuck by him because I truly love him. Time passed, and we were engaged this past February. He promised that through this tough year we were going to experience, he would be there for me and we'd make it through. He promised to adopt my daughter as his own. But last night that all changed. He is a creature of habit, and routine. He does not like change, and we've had a year of nothing but change...and his not working and waiting for clearances to start work became too much, and now he feels he has to be alone for a while. He says that how he is wasn't fair to me. He said that those promises were more to please me than things he ultimately felt. I don't know how to process this and move on.

So now it's over.
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How tragic. I'm sorry for your losses.

Know the feeling we had planned out our lives until we retired then we were going to go over seas and visit Scotland and see the places our grandparents talked about we loved early we loved hard we married at age 13 by the end of high school we owned our own home, and we had all the money neened for school and to start my wives dream of a home for couples in trouble, she was going to get a master in social work, I was going to get a master in nursing.

She was killed at 19 in Viet Nam

My second love we had many things planned out even our up coming wedding, we had stated a company based on working on boat and boat recovery in the first few months of operation, we were well on the way to clear a million dollars that year.
Cathy was killed by her ex-husband at the age on 19 just weeks before we were to be married so in place of a wedding we had a funeral I took part of her ashes and scatted then the same places my wives ashes had been scathered