The Best Man I Ever Knew

The first memory I have of my grandfather was of his smile. He had a smile that not only touched his lips but his whole face lit up , his eyes sparkled and always without fail ..a chuckle would accompany that smile.

I remember sitting on his lap , and him cuddling me and telling me stories of his childhood , of tickling me beneath my chubby chin as he told me stories of little talking frogs . I also remember when I would go to the hospital or was in pain or crying he would reach for me , and to my little eyes , his arms were safety .. I would not find pain and suffering there only kindness , warmth and a love my little soul was starved for.

As I got older it did not change , he was there strong and handsome even in his old age , with arms open wide and when I ran to them , I still felt the loving protection , the refuge I needed when this world was too much to bear. He was the man I looked up to and tried to emulate . His quiet strength was something I clung to . He was my savior when me and my mother ran and had no one to go to , he was there always.

And when he died , a piece of my soul died with him . I will not forget that moment for as long as I live . In the hospital room , hoping they were wrong , praying with all my might that the cold hand I held would suddenly move in mine , that his eyes would open and he would smile at me like he had a million times before and say .. I fooled you gatita Im just fine , it was a joke !

But those beautiful dark eyes would never open for me again , and that smile I lived for would never light my day .

Oh I have seen him in my dreams , and I see his face in every older man I come across. I hear his voice laughing , joking and talking with me when I visit his favorite places.

But when I am alone sometimes and give myself a chance to think , I feel the emptiness inside, the part that he filled inside me , the part that first belonged to him , as a little girl sitting on his lap looking up at the smiling face of the best man I ever knew.

I miss you abuelito , I love you , and for as long as I live I will never forget you or the things you taught me .

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Thank you for sharing this story! Please email it to yourpapoustory at motherandmidwife dot com if we can share your touching story. We want to collect stories about grandfathers and post them all in one place.

Long story short we are very fortunate to have had grandfathers that cared .. thank you for your comment and the hot chocolate =-D

thank u smugit ...that was very sweet *hugs smugit gives him a high five paw* =-P

Thank you for sharing your deepest memories and feelings softkitti - this is amazing. Reading this makes me wish my grandfather was more like this, but I realised he was in his own way. <br />
<br />
*hugs and hot chocolate*

he is never far away just look to your heart and you find him there and your memories they will be how we remember him. Hugs you lots and bring you ~he is and will always be completely awesome~ treats for you in memory of him! Hugs Sylph while here too!

ohh thank you darling .. I will love to think of him that way !! thank you very much duke ... your a sweet cube =-)

*hugs sylph tightly * sorry sylph ..dont be sad darling

Waaahhh... now I miss my grandpa... I lost him only a few years ago... *hugs Kitti tight... sharing tears*...

thank you moreandless , yes he was very important to me and I really miss him everyday without fail. Thank you for those thoughts , ml .. thank you very much *hugs*

'His quiet strength', a grandfather may be so tremendously important and the love between him and his grandchild so pure like you describe. He is gone now, but he will be forever in your heart and you will feel lucky to have had a grandfather like him, dearest Kitti...

*hugs scribs tight* thanks .. this was a very hard one to post .. I have been sitting here looking at this exp for a couple of days trying to get the courage up to examine all that raw emotion .. I didnt say even half of what I wanted to say .. but its enough .. thanks again scribs...=-D

*hugs kitti tight* Don't cry sweetie...just remember he's watching over you right now and will always.