Both of My Grandfathers Are Gone

I lost both of my grandfathers. My mother's father died first. I was ten. He lived out of state and he had to know it was coming because a few months before, he married his girlfriend that he's had since before I was born.

It was a surprise to all of us. I remember I cried so hard. My mother took it really hard as well. For weeks later she, my sisters, and I all cried hard together. The funeral was a blur. He got cremated and they shipped his ashes up here. One of my family members has them now. All I remember is seeing a vase on a pedistal and pictures and people getting up and talking. I was not there. My body was, but I wasn't.

That December, my father's dad passed away. It was a few days before Christmas. He had been in and out of the hospital with diabetes a lot in the time before he passed. We knew it was coming, but we didn't want to see it. My grandmother was a wreck. They had been together since she was 16. She was never apart from him, except for when he went off to fight in WWII.

The funeral was open casket and he was laying there so peiceful. They did a great job on his makeup. His brother sang a song for him, and lots of others got up to talk. At the end, everyone went up to the casket to say goodbye. I remember my emotions were blank until I saw my grandmother go up to him. She looked at him, rubbed his hand in her fingers, bent down to give him a kiss, and in a small, tearful voice she said "goodbye, Victor". I broke down then crying so hard. The very last time she'll ever say that to him.

That Christmas was hard. Noone knew what to do with the gifts addressed to Grandpa. In the end it was decided to bring them over to Grammy's house anyway and she kept them, as memories. She wasn't herself for months and months. My aunt moved back in with her to keep her company. She still lives there now.

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That happened to me too...except my mom's dad died first unexpectedly, and then barely a week later my dad's stepdad, who i was much closer to and I really loved passed away too. it was really difficult for me, but i'm getting through it. i'm sorry for your losses, and best wishes to you :)

Sorry to hear that :(<br />
I lost both my grandfathers too.