I've lost both of my grandfathers.  One to a heart attack when I was 16.  The other, I can't remember when He passed. It was after I was grown, though.  I wasn't raised around him and that's why I don't really remember details about his death.

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I never got to know my moms father. He died a year before I was born. Ive only seen pictures of him. I just wish in so many ways that I could have gotten to know him as my grandfather.

Thank you. I've been doing the best I can. So far so good, anyway. :)

My dad's dad is the one who raised me with my stepgrandmother after my mother died.

I am sorry to hear that. I lost both grandmothers and one grandfather he passed away in February of this year. He was a World War 2 Vet. I didn't really know him well he was my father's dad. My mom's father is my only living grandparent and we are alot closer since he helped raise me when I was younger.