It's Complicated

i have three grandfathers to my name. my mom's mother is remaried. i lost my dad's father before i was even born. he dies of lung cancer, and everyone tells me i take after him more than anyoen in the family. also, i was his tenth grandchild, now mind you he did have eight kids, so it's not too outrageous. but i'm the tenth of 17... he ony expected to have ten. he worked for the CIA, he got ten fresh mint coins made cased and discontinued... there are ten in the world, and i got the last one. beinf the last of his expected grandchildren. i also lost my mom's biological father. kind of, he's still alive. however he is schizophrenic, and i am no longer allowed contact to him in this facility, it's real hard to handle. i take after him a lot too. he used to be a professional illustrator... i love to draw, i'm a ver artistic person, not many people in my family are, i could relate to him a lot. i miss him.
maiaxxstar maiaxxstar
18-21, F
Jun 27, 2007