So Did I.

Okay. I lost my grandfather. On my dad's side. To make a long story short, my aunt and uncle, who had somewhat taken charge of caring for my grandparents, decided to move [From Oregon] to California. We found out that they were moving in about a week, but then recieved a call a day or two later that they decided to leave early. So no chance to say goodbye. A month or so later we find out that my grampa has a tumor, I don't know what kind or whatnot. But they estimate that he has a few months left to live... My grandma at this point has Alzheimer's. So Labour Day Weekend we (My parents and two sisters) take a road trip down to southern California. Long trip... about fourteen hours both ways. We get there late and stay at a hotel... We get to see my grandpa for a few hours but that's it... we head home the next day... About a month or so later he died.
HateMe HateMe
18-21, M
Aug 18, 2006