Too Late to Ask

I lost my grandpa this morning. It's a funny thing the way you can put off important things knowing that the time line is getting shorter and shorter. I put off asking my grandfather about his life until I lost my chance to ever ask again. This was the grandfather on my father's side, I lost my other grandfather years ago and you would think that I would have learned that without questions you get no answers. I didn't learn, I stayed the same, and now the important information that is found in a life that you are interested in is forever lost. The details and stories that he could have shared with me will remain a mystery, because like me, no one else cared to ask. no one let him know that he had something to contribute, that his life was important. In your future, if given the chance don't make the same mistake as I did, all you have to do is ask.

I love you grandpa, I will remember you always.

fortnightofthought fortnightofthought
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5 Responses Mar 24, 2009

i really feel for you. i tried to help my grandad as much as possible. i prayed for him and wished that he would get better but he only got worse. i know what your talking about. i lost my grandad when i was 6 years old and even though i never asked him much he always told me stories no matter what. my grandad was my best friend. we done everything together. sadly he passed away without a goodbye from me as i was not there at the time. my mum didn't want me there as she thought i was to young to understand. i never got to go to his funeral but on that first day of visiting him at the graveyard i got to say my goodbyes. but its never enough. i know now that he is watching over me and he is my gardian angel. i just hope others dont make the mistakes that all of us have went through

Sorry for your loss. I can relate to where you are coming from, I wish I had asked my Grandmother how she made those amazing cheese pies. I thought we had plenty of time.

I feel for you, this is a very difficult time.

I am sorry for your loss. Thanks for the reminder of how important it is for us to communicate with those we love.

I am sorry about your loss. I lost my Grandfather on my dad's side when I was nine. I didn't really know anything about him, but I was too shy to ask. Now it's too late and I can't ask him al the questions that are bottled up inside me. I hope you keep the good memories of your grandfather and cherish them.