Sunday 9/11 2011. She Went Up To Heaven.

The stress is getting to me my immune system is shot and I'm catching the flu before my beloved grandmas funeral which will be held on Friday. I feel so low my chest is heavy, I am at rest now but I keep alternating between crying and stressing out, I haven't eaten in two days. I am in mourning and my husband says that grandma wouldn't be happy to see me moping around the house all day. So yesterday my two aunts and grandpa and cousin went out to buy grandma a dress. We found one it was a sheer dusty rose color long gown with a jacket, she will look lovely in it. As long as grandpa liked it. I insisted on buying the dress. Grandpa told the store sales lady about how he met grandma when she was 15 but her dad said that she was too young so grandpa came back for her one year to the day and made her his bride. How romantic, great grandpa said that he had 14 daughters to pick from and that he got the best one. And she was. Her life was written in the pages of the bible, she was the epitome of the proverbs 31 woman and to me that makes her a saint! Plus she was funny oh was she ever she' d collect jokes over the years and pass them around she'd always make you laugh. She was the best cook in the world she'd always make a five course meal breakfast lunch and dinner and all you could hear was lips smacking and compliment mmmm this is good mum. The other day while she was nearing the end she offered to cook me supper then she looked around her hospital room and said this isn't my kitchen_! Silly little darling. Her dying wish was that I switch from a Baptist to a catholic and I will. She was covered with the cancer, she had 4 large tumors in her brain and cancer in her neck, lung cancer, stomach cancer, cancer of the spleen and it was in her lymph nodes. She tried to prolong her life by doing a few rounds of chemist and laser surgery she found out that she had cancer last July of 2010. She lived just over a year. On the day she died My husband and I and our two youngest children came to see her and I gave her one last kiss. Later on that evening my older twins wanted to give her one last hug but when we showed up it was too late grandma had passed and everyone was crying. I will sing at her funeral a song called angles by Jaylene Johnson. My husband will be a pal bearer and the children will carry the flowers. It is just so hard. She was my most favorite person in the whole wide world I was closer to her than anybody. She would always call me her bell fille meaning her beautiful girl. She taught me how to cook and sew and gardening. She was never angry a day in her life and she loved her music and playing *******! She was only 72 years old. Still beautiful to me both inside and out. She was the best grandma a girl could ask for. I love you grandma. I know that you are in heaven now. See you on the other side.
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This is sad but also very beautiful story that brought tears to my eyes

I'll shed a tear for your loss as well.

I am so sorry to hear bout your loss. I lost my mother on 9/8. I was there when she past away. I am feeling a great loss right now like I am sure you are as well.

Thank you.

my condolences on your loss ! ...................peter