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Beatrice Elizabeth Gilliam...~*nan*~

i was 9, the day i learned my nan was dying of cancer. that was 23 years ago. mum kneeled before me and my younger brother and told us the heartening news. the cancer was everywhere - in her lungs, brain, throat...etc... i intentioned to be alone, but my younger brother followed me into the room. i shut the door and we sat down, pressed our feet against the wall and cried...3 years later...after a long battle with the greatest evil, my sweet, beautiful nan, left us...i never even got to say goodbye before she was lowered into the ground...why? because i was made to stay home and wait for the oil delivery...i would have gone to her funeral but my older sister fancied my mourning costume more than her own and my mother made me switch with my sis. being older, her clothes were too large for me and so i was not presentable to attend the funeral...not much has changed since still the least valued person in my family...

rest in peace, nan... i love you...
Clark44 Clark44 31-35 1 Response Oct 21, 2011

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Your nan knows how you felt, and thats what matters more than anything. But I'mreally really sorry about what you've been through.

thanks pinkie - that really means alot.