It Happened So Fast

My grandmother passed away on may 27, 2008... its only been a little while, its so hard to except that shes gone. She was 78,, she has had a very difficult time, with stuggling with her weight for has long has I can remember, 19 years ago she overcome ovarian cancer, she has had a history of back problems(probably having to do with her weight)but she always had a smile, she was the most wonderful person,mother,grandmother,great grandmother(soon to be great great grandmother)friend, she was everything all in one, its not even hard to describe her cause she was perfect. She raised 5 children, and helped with 16 grandchildren, then 28 great grandchildren, one of which was mine, she took him under her wing and loved him for all he was worth to was magic to watch her with hes 16...he always made time time for his great grandma, my oldest is expecting their first child soon which would make her a great great grandma. But recently she took sick , I went with her to the hospital , where I stayed for 10 days with her, after alot of tests the doctor discovered that she had cancer again, but he didnt know how bad, they had to run more tests, before they had the results i had to come home...cause i had kids in school, I was only home a day & a half when she passed away, now i wish I stayed with her, I feel like I let her down

iceberg01ca iceberg01ca
41-45, F
Jun 11, 2008