It was in augest of 91 when she passed i was eight years old. She had been sick in and unable to move or talk for months. I often wonder how my life would have been if she had lived longer it would be better no doubt. It is tough to deal with a death of someone close at any age but at the age of eight i did not really understand the concept of death. The saddest thing about the whole ordeal is she was cancer free when she died the chemo had dissolved the lining of her brain..
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1992 i was 6 and my little brother passed it was hard for me back then but now i see it different he wasnt supposed to make it past 24 hours he made it 2 years atleast he was loved while he was alive he was born with major health issues he was born my 3rd cousin but was in the system as foster to adopt and my mom took him in so i claim him as my brother

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