My Grandmother Passed Away Today January 22nd 2013, Two Days Shy Of Her 75th Birthday.

Yeah, I my sister came into the room this morning telling me to "wake up, grandma's only breathing one time a minute, we need to leave in a few". I sprung up, in an effort to digest the news that was just given to me. Within twenty minutes, my aunt was calling back to relay terrible news, information that no one wants to hear, uttering "mom's gone." It's new that no one wants to hear. But by surprise, I still haven't experience the emotions that I know are yet to come at some point. However, since my mom came from a rather large family, fourteen children in total, we've experienced a death. Never missing a stroke at least every couple of years or so. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful to have a large family who come together in a time of crisis, but at some point, I just have become immune death. I feel bad for my dad who lost his mom. My grand-dad who lost his wife. I do feel for them, yet I can't seem to reach a place to where I want to cry. It will hit me, just at some point when I'm sitting at a stop light, or waiting on someone in the store.
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thats very sad ,im sorry for your loss