Being A Man Isn't Easy

I am twentyfive and have been to prison at age 19 for five years because I tried to make fast money to get my mom in a better situation than what she currently was in.It was hard being without my family.My brothers are young men now where they were 8 and 12 when I left.I chose to title this as Being a Man isn't easy because a man most of the time has to make dicisions that a woman dosen't have to make.A man means dominant, strong,not weak,supporter,provider.Not to say a woman is weak.Some women are even providers,but it is on the man to defend the house.I am interested in anyone who can tell me differently.
mariothebold mariothebold
22-25, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

What do you think about this.This is ba<x>sed of of how I live.My life is like the movie (Straight Brooklyn)movie from 1991 exactly.Nothing left out.View the movie on line sometimes but don't judge me after you do it because I actually try to stay positive.Even if I am not in a positive setting.