Losing Our Home

 We lost our home due to foreclosure a little over a year ago. It was our first time home. It was a long process that we started when our now middle child was just 4mos old. We finally moved to our new home when she was about 2 1/2 and her older brother almost 4.


I remember our first night there it felt like a dream. It was a brand new 3 bed room home nothing fancy, but nicer than most first people have as a starter home. We bought when house prices sky rocketed and I admit we bought out of fear that we may never be able to afford a home. Of course the bills that come with a home are no joke. Within a year the economy was hit hard and gas prices sky rocketed. We moved out of the metro area just to afford a home, but now Waverly's 45minute commute was killing us. Within a year we also had another baby and by the time she was born money was so bad. I have no idea how we got the basic items for her but as always we did. With the economy Waverly's hours at Fed Ex were cut not helping matters then my car that was payed off was not doing well. My beloved Saturn given to me by my aunt who passed away simply died leaving us with 1 car. Kinda that idea when it rains it POURS!


We went back and fourth as to what to do till finally deciding to file bankruptcy. It was very sad because Waverly worked so very hard to get us this house, but at this point we were actively trying to save the house. I admit I was a bit in between. I did not want to lose our home but we lived so far out. A simple doctor appt for the kids seemed to be an all day event! We we went back and fourth with our lender where in ther end they said they could not help us. This was extremly hard on Waverly and his ego.


I started packing but where would we go? So I couldn't really pack I just looked around at my kids ages 4mos, 3, and 5 at this time. My son started kindergarten was devastated to learn we may have to move. I thought we should rent in the area just to keep him in the same school for kindergarten. My hopes and dream of not bouncing my kids around as I was dwindled in my mind.

Now the task of searching of some place to go was the next daunting task. Apartments turned us down because of the bankrupcy. Until this point we payed everything on time. Its amazing how fast things can go down hill. FINALLY we found a nice house that would rent to us! It was even bigger than the home we owned. I was relieved! It was a very nice 3BR house with a LR and play room in the metro area. Now I packed and packed and packed. It was a sad 2 weeks. I just wanted the move day to come. The 2 weeks we had just seemed to crawl. I was not happy to be leaving but wanted the move over. I wanted to get my son in his new school and work on that adjustment. My middle child was about to turn 4 so we had that coming up then the holidays. Move day came and went. We settled through a rough transition of the kids at a new elementary school for my son and preschool for my daughter. The first day my son attended his new school I picked him up and he looked so very sad. I asked what was wrong? He said he did not have fun and I just wanted to cry. It was rough for him to adjust but he did and by the end of the year loved his new school and is now in 1st grade there! My daughter never loved her new preschool and due to money we ended up placing her in a city preschool program that she actually loved. She is now at a Montessori school that was an adjustment for her but she now loves:)

SO now there is a chance we can buy a house again not right away but possibly sooner than we anticipated. I guess this is why I wrote this story because it made me think of losing our home. RIght now the market is so cheap we could get a home in this neighborhood for around 100,000. Right now we are just checking and seeing. I am in school so I kind of figured we would wait till I finish. WHich we may but our last home was over 150,000 so I was like wow we could possibly get a payment alot cheaper than our rent....Well what will be will be but its nice to have hope and to look back on things. I have always felt for some reason we were meant to lose the house. I don't know why...I don't understand...Waverly does not feel the same he feels the world is against us.


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im so glad you have a happy ending-we are in the beginning phase of the same situation and im just really nervous-my husband said we could go almost 3 years before we have to move- how long did your forclose take start to finish?<br />
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