Down... On The Farm

Well... were do I begin... my husband and I purchased 14 beautiful acres in NC back in 2005, in Dec. 2007 we began construction of our beautiful home which also included a 4 stall barn with tack room and wash rack.   AND  it all began we left suburbia and  moved our family and our 1st two horses to our property in Aug of that same year.

WOW... I have a horse farm... my daughter and I spend countless hours grooming horses... cleaning stalls... riding around our property... it was a DREAM!

Life continues... we acquired a beautiful Shire mare in foal... a year later... we had Julie.. a Frisian/Shire cross philly.... It was amazing, soon we purchases some pigmy goats and bred them.. We witnessed the birth of our first two "kids" on a snowy March morning... I had to assist in the birth, one was stuck in the birth canal.

Life continues.... My husband, kids and I found an awesome church and got really involved in serving our community.  My dream of having a horse therapy farm was working toward fruition.   I was attending seminars and learning everything I need to begin this endeavor.

Life continues...Wow... then the other shoe dropped... I was laid off from my job as an Accountant for a government contractor... which supported over 40% of our families income.  My husband continue to work hard to keep things afloat... He took a job overseas for almost 2 years to enable us to keep our home.

Life continues... Soon we decide that the overseas job could not be the answer and my husband came home.  We tried really hard to work with the bank and get our loan modified.. but NO LUCK... so tired of hearing about all the help that is available.... LIES... we are now filing bankruptcy and moved into a quaint little rental property about 20 minutes further into NC.  All my horses were rehomed... I MISS THEM SO MUCH... my husband seems to be handling the situation way better than I.... I work hard daily to not to fall into a heap on the floor... some days... I would like to crawl under a rock... YIKES

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1 Response May 15, 2012

Whatever I say, won't be enough. :) the cool thing is you are together and healthy.. But somehow that is great, but really not healing because you sound like such a hard worker.