Little To Do With The Economy - More To Do With Cruel Greedy Humans

We lost our home roughly almost 5 years ago now - just before the economy became National news. Its changed who we are, killed any hope we ever had, and has drastically changed what once was our positive outlook on people.

Our story started when a developer purchased the lot next to our home in Ca with the intent of demolishing the existing 1920's Craftsman home and building 3 condos in its place.

The start of our nightmare began when this developer crossed the property line by more than 3 feet, and illegally allowed the Fire Department to use the existing house as a practice project - with no permit to do so. We lived next door to a vacant house with huge holes in the roof for more than a year.

About a year later, they finally demolished the home. We now had a vacant lot next us for about another year. We dealt nightly with partiers, graffiti idiots, and felt very unsafe at this point.

They illegally removed more than 150 feet of 15 foot tall, 4 foot thick hedges on our property. Again, the city did nothing and turned its head the other direction.

We asked for a referral from a client for an Attorney who was 'non aggressive", meaning that we are not sue them type people. We just wanted this developer to do the right and moral thing.

He started contact with the developer and they were very arrogant, uncooperative, and basically took a "try and do something about it" position.

This went on for many months, draining us of our savings and placing a financial burden on us. At the same time, while we do not realize it at the time, the economy was beginning to fail. Our customers were taking longer and longer to pay, and some just weren't paying. That of course was our mistake for being the trusting people we were and not collecting payment at the time of service.

Finally our Attorney come to us and said that because the developer was being so uncooperative, we had no choice other than to file a lawsuit. We reluctantly followed that advice.

Almost immediately after filing, our cars gas tank was tainted with diesel fuel. perhaps coincidence - perhaps not. We also spent the next year being harrassed by this developer and his flock of illegal workers.

Next we were hit with a zoning violation by the City of Santa Barbara. For not having covered parking. a 1920 Craftsman we had been living in for years, and suddenly this violation - again perhaps coincidence - perhaps not. We suspect this developer had ties to the building inspector and used this as retaliation against us.

Of course by this point there was no way we could afford to build a $30k carport - we were rapidly becoming broke due the the legal expenses and the economy which was beginning to fail. So we had to ignore that

The next months were spent dealing with things like:

Harrassment by workers - shouting nasty comments, blaring music and intentional shouting, whistling at my wife and Daughter, - all with the obvious intention of harrasing us.

Our car was filled with diesel fuel (just like the fuel this developer was using next door.

Illegal workers were used by this developer and like everything else - The City simply turned their heads and ignored this.

By the end of the second year of this we were both literally so destroyed from the ongoing harassment from both the developer and The City, and the increasing financial worries caused by a combination of the legal fees and failing economy that we literally could no longer function.

In January 2009 we finally accepted that everything we had built over the years, our home, our business, our community - had been taken away from us and that we could no longer fight this battle.

We wrote to every News outlet in town - not one would even reply or showed any interest in this blatant case of corruption.

We finally made the very difficult decision - to leave.

We sold what we had left - our Kitchen appliances, our car, literally anything that we could sell - we sold.

This left us with just enough cash to rent a truck, and left. (for our safety we cannot mention where we currently reside). We packed everything we had up into the rental truck - and made the move out of this corrupt town.

Since then its been almost impossible for us to function at all - this has killed our hopes, dreams, and love of people.

We have taken terrible jobs - which we are thankful for, now live day to day, have no medical insurance any more - it goes on and on.

We wouldn't wish what we are living though on anyone. As of 12/2012 - 5 year later - we still do not even have our own home and must live with others to survive.

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I lost my house. The bank sold it in 2012 i was evicted in may 2013. I have been trying to find a resource to help me take recource. Does anyone have a recommendation?

I went to two Colleges and found a Facility to work in by 1985.In 1992 my wife and I built our dream home.

My wife had been working in a Government Liquor store since 1986.All the men were getting full time jobs with pensions but my hard working wife could not get anything more than casual work.She worked so hard that her right arm burn't out.They lied and said that 16 years of work didn't cause it and she was off without pay for 2 years and ina 60,000 pain clinic for 6 weeks.

Then my Facility closed down 3 years before retirement and I developed a neurological disorder.They won't give me disability.

Fine take our retirement home I don't give a ....S....H....I....T .....anymore.

I'm 53 and alive.My wife is 51 and alive.We still have our marriage and each other.

Life is a dirty game and they don't teach that in school do they ?

I understand your lost of respect for people and the hate for the lack of true life in this world. i have lost 7 houses over the last 8 years. my mind is mush by now by having to dwell on it everyday. I'm at the point where i will lose my true home to forclosure where i was raised where i went after all the bullshit with the other seven. I'm at that point where im selling everything in my home to either save it or keep it but not knowing wether we can keep up the payments . I am 21 and i havent seen enough good in life but now know the reality of how people work and how the world works only good thing not sure if it was worth it. we paid 19000 twice to pay of fees to keep a home and eventually lost it. Should have put the money in our pockets and walked. I have so many of those individual stories of hell like you note above that i dwell on them almost every hour and everything i see or hear reminds me of something related to the lost and it kills my day. I want you to watch this video because it explains what this country really is and how it will affect everyone in the close future and i'm not sure how to go about it but it will affect you just as well. I hope things get well for you and you can make it on your feet again before someone/something kicks you back down with another broken bone and less air to fight. Keep up the fight , don't let ****** like that decide where you can live they deserve a broken jaw and smothered in gasoline. Goodluck and take care. I havent seen the beginning but at 20 minutes in is a perfect spot to start otherwise don't watch it at all. Take care. cant send link , wont let me post thinks its spam....... youtube ...welcome to the new world order... if you don't know about how this country came about after this you will never look at the news the same again and im sure you don't now.