Where Is The Light At The End Of The Tunnel?

Ok...so heres my story. I was a grocery store manager for 35 years. I started having trouble with my feet and found I had trouble walking..went to dr..planter faciitis in both feet. It got so bad, I am now using a cane. I had to stop work and got on diability within 2 months. Good right? Well, one has to wait two years to get health insurance and what do you need the most when you are sick..insurance. Let me back up...Im 46 years old, female, single..my life was my work. During such time, I bought a wonderful house. The light of my life and I did it all myself. My mother, father, and brother have all passed away. Needless to say, no one has my back. I was making 70,000 a year now am making 25,000 on disability. I have used all my 401k in doctors bills and trying to stay current on my mortgage. I did the bankruptcy because I was getting no where. The next step was trying to get a modification for my mortgage..well I have been trying for 2 years. Im disabled dammit..I cant walk someone work with me. The modification agreement Chase came up with is 65% of my pay...which leaves me 77 a month for food. I applied for foodstamps in CT but make too much and get 16 a month in food stamps. Huh? I also make to much for oil assistance. Im way underwater and the house just went into foreclosure. First Chase couldnt help me because I was current with the payments now they cant help me because Im too far behind. I cant loose my house. It is everything to me. I simply am sick of doors slamming in my face. Im hungry. Im loosing my house. Im sick with worry. I cant concentrate. And to top it all off Im malnourished. No *&^& sherlock. You live on 77 a month groceries. How can the world be like this? Fannie Mae and their underwriters need to get a cold dose of reality. What if their sister was living like me? Betcha their loan mod would be approved with what the needed to live for a payment. I only want to pay my mortgage..but this is insane. (sigh) Ive vented but I dont feel any better. I could write a book but someone would just use it as a coaster.
cmko cmko
Feb 16, 2013