We Lost Our Home Due to the Company Forgot About Us.

We were working with one of those companies that help you get your loan payments under control and lower them for you. well we spent our 1200.00 dollars to them and waited like good people I would call them over and over again. and over and over again they would say we are working on it and everything is fine I need you to fax me this paper and sign that paper and then do it all over again next month. and up till the day of the sale which they have not called and told us that they sold our house or when we are to leave it as of this day and it sold back at the first of july. it was an FHA loan as well and under my understanding we were entitled to get our payments lowered by the goverment but any case they haven't told us anything at all yet so until they do we are living in it. as for the company we are in a law suit Trying to get help from so we can get this all taking care of even if we have to go to the supreme court. to fix it. I want my house paid for and the cost of all the pain it has caused. I have never sued any-one but when it comes to something my husband and I work our butts off for it is worth it. I just wished we knew of some-one else who has had this happen to them and knew how theirs went.

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My heart and thoughts go out to you and your family. I fear that the company may have been a con. I hoe that all goes your way in court.

If you know of anyone whom has lost their house to the bank by foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale you may be able to get a large settlement.

wow, just wow.

First of all I am sorry for your situation. Second I have seen hundreds of these same scenarios. The sad fact is that your lender has no control over your situation. It is the investor who controls these puppet strings and if he insured it with AIG or Lords of London he makes to much money by forclosing.<br />
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You have two issues....one is a loan modification company and two is your servicers illegal forclosure. My problem is that I do not know what state you are in and the procedure of forclosing in that state. For example do you need to serve the homeowner or is you sale documents sent certified? Their are nationat issues such as is their a period of redempltion in your state? Are you still in your home? Than their is the documentation down at the county....did they even have standing to foreclose?<br />
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In regards to litigating and a free house you need to be realistic. As sad as it seems you breached the contract by not making payments and the lender does not care. You were taken by the modification company and I am truly sorry but the lender says not my problem and the judge will agree. You do have some strong points to your case especially being FHA and if you are interested in talking more let me know.