we lost our house due to the realtor and seller did not diclouse that the house ounce was a meth house   the police that busted it did not call the health department. so i did some  investagating on my own and found out that was a true story. i called the health dept they came out and taged our new house. that meant we had to leave the house with everything in it to make a long story short we sued we won  it was just enough for us to start all over again. the  sellers were to take back the house so it woildnt go into foreclousere they never did and then sometime down the line they got to sell that house again they bought it out of forclousere and re sold it that is not right if any of you would like you can goggle my name and read all abouit it. i wish their was something more i could do if their was i wouldnt know where to start

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4 Responses Jul 14, 2009

Wow and ouch! What a hassle for you. The world has gone criminal.

Even the dishonest realtors are feeling the squeeze, so they are passing it along. I recently hired a realtor who disclosed confidential information, actively concealed offer 1 ans 2 so the sale would be directed to her preferred buyer (dual agency of course). For the first time in 27 years I will be a renter. It is so painful to leave a house I raised my family in. The buyer who conspired with my own agent is forcing the sale and threatening us with attorney fees.

That's extraordinary that you had to find out the way that you did. Please listen to Justrealize. That would be the way to handle that.I hope that you get through this okay.

I have been a Realtor for over a decade and what has happened to you is absolutely wrong. <br />
I am not certain where you live but I would start with calling/emailing/faxing/visiting (PERSISTANTLY) with the following:<br />
File a Formal Complaint with:<br />
Local board of Realtors, State Board of Realtors and then the National Association of Realtors....assuming your Realtor is a member of these associations...<br />
---I would contact your local media..get it on the news (again)<br />
---There should be some free legal assistance on this matter local and state them as well.<br />
<br />
In my state, if we as Realtors have knowledge of adverse information WE MUST DISCLOSE even if the Seller does not. Sometimes that can be hard to prove if the Realtor "claims" no knowledge. Do some legwork...the Realtor/Seller may or may not have known. Asking neighbors or others may divuldge information that the Realtor/Seller may have known prior to selling the property. <br />
<br />
Keep in mind, Realtors do rely on Sellers being honest in disclosing all aspects of the home. But it is our job to be responsible too.<br />
<br />
I would hope this Realtor would be honest enough about the knowledge of this home being a meth lab. It is your and your family's health involved and safety.<br />
<br />
Oh, I forgot to mention, find out WHY, the police department did not report this. And go after them too...legally of course.