You Can Still Save Your Home!!!

I am so sorry to hear of your mortgage hardship.  Your can still save your precious home if you so desire and not only that reduce the principal balance on the principal of the mortgage if you have an upside down mortgage.  You can get a rate between 2% and prime which is aroun high 4% and all the lates payments and fees be foregiven right up to the day of the sell of the home you can stop foreclosure.  Read my blog : "I like helping homeowners save their home" on this web site.  This may help you decide what you would like to do about your situation.  Bless you, prayers and hope are with you.

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3 Responses Nov 12, 2009

i live in va. and my home was foreclosed on in Feb 2012. i haven't moved out, as of yet, but i want to know wether there are any programs available to still save my home.

I'll definitely will look into this ,thank you for writing this story.

Thank you for sharing your story, in my case my brother who supported my father in a nursing home in our country of birth he lost it all when he was laid off, then had a stroke so they ende up under me financially, my condo is under $25.000, my payment is not a lot is $689.00 I only make after taxes and other I get monthly $1.645.00, and my fathers expense monthly is $600.00.<br />
So yes my payment is reasonable but I had to fall behind to pay the nursing home. I asked the bank to lower my interest rate of 8.800, to give me room. They declined, so I dont know how long I have to be in this situation. Any suggestions.