Miss My Soulmate So Much I Feel Lost

My husband of 26 years died 2 months ago,20mths after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. i feel as though part of me has gone and dont no what purpose i have anymore. We did everything together in fact looking back i feel as though i was quite selfish cause he did most things in our marriage as i suffer from anxiety and depression and depended on him too much.We were lucky to have the time we had left as we were able to do things we always wanted to do such as a cruise where we were able to renew our wedding vows which also coincided with our 25th anniversary.I have a lovely granddaughter and daughter who i love dearly but i feel she has her own loss to deal with as she was a daddys girl and i dont want to burden her with my probs.I dont want to leave the house as coming home to an empty house is worse than staying home.I know its early days but i cant see how to move forward without him its weird.
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Hi How are you?

I am sorry, I can't imagine the pain of loosing someone you love. It's like taking your life away. I hope you were able to say to him all the things you have in your heart for him..I hope you were able to say goodbye to him properly. They say it will make the going lighter for them... ( i don't know the date of your posting, but anyhow I hope you'll find peace and learn to smile again)