I Want to Forget, But It Has Only Been 8 Years!

I thought we were doing great. I thought we were a great couple then this person called me and my entire world crumbled. It has been a long time, and I am ok, but I still dwell on it.

FlintFlower FlintFlower
1 Response Aug 8, 2008

Dwelling on it doesn't do anything to help you move on. But you are going to think about it, of course. Here's what I'm doing that seems to help. I journal about it once a week. Then, I make myself a promise to not think about it again for another week. But that's not all; during the days in between, I am forcing myself to do things that I have always wanted to do ... books I want to read, paint, run, take classes, make a quilt, put together a scrapbook for my son and daughter, dance around my house to music I love .... and look for all the things in my life every day that make me happy .... It is hard, but you have to do it. What you are doing isn't healthy for you. Besides - if you go around thinking about him all the time, then you won't be ready if someone comes along that you could fall in love with .... <br />
Good luck. God bless.