Lost My Husband To Colon Cancer

I lost my husband to colon cancer on December 18, 2009. He was diagnsed 3&1/2 years earlier at the age of 45. Just before the colon resection we learned that the cancer spread to Ed's lungs. The surgery went on as scheduled.  After recovery Ed had chemo and the cancer receeded.  He began to have headaches so there was a brain scan.  The cancer spread to the brain. The surgery to remove the tumor from the brain was 2 days before our 15th anniversary.  They got what they could but there was cancer left in the brain. He then had radiation and more chemo.  Ed was havin trouble with balance that was getting worse with time.  In June of 2009, we were told that the cancer spread to the spinal chord now.  At this point we were given optios and Ed chose to stop chemo and live hat time he had left and went under hospice care.  He was strong and brave and I miss him every day.  I do take comfort that we spend his last 6 months truely living and enjoying life and family and each other.
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1 Response Mar 5, 2012

Im sorry about your loss. I lost my husband Nov,18,2009. He had Esophagus Cancer. The last year of his life he couldnt eat or drink anything. And I still miss he more then anything. And everyone telling me he's in a better place doesnt fill the emptiness in my heart. Hope you are doing good, and learned to accept it. Best Wishes to you