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I just lost my husband help x
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I lost my husband suddenly 5 months ago and am not coping at all.every day is an ordeal to get through.I cry all the time.will i ever get over it?

Families are forever. Families are the building blocks of heaven. What most religions of today do not understand is that in biblical temples for example "the Temple of Solomon" families were sealed for all eternity by those who were called to perform these priesthood ordinances. God, being a just God, has provided a way for all of his children to be sealed for time and all eternity into their eternal families. For individuals to be sealed into these eternal families they have to accept the gospel of Christ and live their lives in such a way as to qualify for this eternal blessing. These priesthood ordinances are being performed on earth today for both the living and the dead. They are part of the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To understand how families are sealed and what it means to be worthy of these blessings please contact a missionary (ages 18-21) of the Mormon Church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints" or visit this web page “” where you can chat with a missionary and view other materials. It will change your life as it did mine.


I lost my husband too and I understand your pain. I'M SORRY I know I cant help you feel better because it's not always a choice when the sadness strikes. You can only try to identify what can triggers your depression and choose to avoid what you can avoid within your control. I'm here facing the same situation of loss, I don't have the answers but I have to keep functioning for the sake of my kids, they depend on me and I can't afford to give in to depression so i try hard to find ways to survive by staying busy. I do all I can to stay healthy because what use am I if I get sick too and I become a basket case. They still need me and i need to finish my mission as a MOM. It's not easy alone I've had to wear different hats. keep your head up and choose to share with others your not alone. Best wishes