I Hate Groundhog's Day

Funny story, about 7 years ago my husband and I were at his family's lake cabin. We were sitting around in the morning drinking coffee when one of the dogs started going crazy. A muskrat from the lake had run up on shore and was trying to attack the dog. My husband jumped up, grabbed a pitch fork and stabbed the muskrat. Not sure why it was so funny at the time, but my husband's sister made him stand outside of his sister's travel trailer and take a picture of him holding the rake with the dead muskrat on the end in one hand a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other hand. My husband wasn't a silly man so it was funny to see him relax and have a funny moment with his siblings. Later that summer his sisters presented him with a stuffed groundhog in memory of that moment because it was the closest thing that they could find to a muskrat.

That groundhog was forgotten for the most part, he sat in our closet and collected dust. On February 2, 2008 my husband passed away a week after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes, groundhog's day. His sister brought that picture to put up on his photo storyboard as we prepared for his funeral and I remembered to hunt for the stuffed animal. Today the groundhog is no longer in the closet. He mostly sits on my bed, sometimes I am annoyed with him and I throw him across the room or he gets shoved under the bed but with time I pick him up and put him back on the bed. He no longer gathers dust.

Groundhog's day is right around the corner and it will mark the five year anniversary since my husband passed. Like the Bill Murray movie, every time Groundhog's day rolls around I feel like I am reliving the same day over and over again. It brings tears and sadness, sometimes anger and frustration, even now I am dreading the day coming. Thankfully I now know that I just have to hang in there, the day will soon pass and I will have 364 days to enjoy before it rolls around again.
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I am so sorry for your loss. You tell the story well.