The Lost Of Someone Close

i went through cancer with my husband a year ago in march and it is still so sad not to have the person that was meant to be with you forever  and ever not to be there.. he had awful death with the cancer that he had. it was a form of cancer from the sun that attacked the bones and there was no cure

he went throught so much pain that it was so unreal..... loved him so much. we did everything together. miss him so much. cancer is a bad way to go....

dont get to much sun as it will get you sooner than later. how do people go on when this happens.?

britlee1007 britlee1007
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3 Responses Mar 18, 2010

My heart just breaks for you, Britlee. I can't even imagine all that you went through with your precious Husband. I will keep you in my prayers. It's been over 5 years for me since my Husband's doctor deliberately killed him and it seems like every day just get's harder to face without him here with me. I did find a really interesting book "Never Say Goodbye" by Patrick Mathews. If you read and can find this, I do recommend it. <br />
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Please know that you can write me anytime to talk about anything. If we stick together at least it makes us think of something else for a little while.<br />
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Angel Blessings Always my new friend.

I don't think you ever get over it. But you can move on with life.

My husband like to fly ,he was a private pilot. We rebirished his plane together took us 5 years. He won awards for it. He had his dream and got to live it because I was there to help him with it. When It think of him it is often on a sunny day when small plane pass over. I think of him in his plane and piloting for God. Just keeping watch over us. Though he was not spiritual that is where my heart has put him, to be able to cope with missing him. He tried to do everything right. He died on Memorial day. Sometimes I thinkGod let him choose when he was to go. He had cancer. He is not or ws not a saint but I loved him he loved to debate or argue. This was not my favorite thing to do yet I would engage him on his thoughts if I truly had a stance I thought was valid enough to argue.<br />
So I remember the good the bad and the ugly he was just a man. I put my faith and my heart in my Lord . I knowhe will keep it safe. My joy is in my grandchildren but there is some pain in that. When we love there is always pain to accompany it.