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I lost my husband two weeks ago to liver disease.  I took him to boston in October & he was diagnosed with cirrossis, he also had congestive heart failure for many years but that was under control. I never realized how terribly serious liver disease is.  He gradually got worse & worse. In december he wanted to go to florida for the winter so we got on a plane & went. After being there two days he was sick again so I took him to the mayo clinic (world renowned for liver transplants).  But he was not eligible for transplant because of his heart.  After 18 days - I still thought he was getting better - he died.  I am totally lost & do not believe I will ever survive this pain.  I loved him so much it is unbearable - all i do is cry.  To make matters worse three of my four adult children blame me for their father's death.  They were too lazy to call during the four months he was ill (never called to see how he was doing, not even at christmas). Now, they are contesting his will because he left everything to me ( we had three businesses). I don't even care about the business or any money involved - I just want to feel normal again.  How do people cope with this kind of pain ????

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Thank you. My Susie had end stage liver disease as well. I tried to help her for the last year or two but failed. I feel now I should have done more but I can not figure out what that might have been