the night of my sons 4th birthday me and my husband had a premanition but in the one i had i was not fully asleep as for me i felt as if i couldnt move scream i tryed to call my husbands name but nothing would come out and i felt very affraid i seen men faces flying at me they had a  black and purple glow to them and out of all of these men there was only one that i knew he was a friend of my husbands while all this is going on i could feel my husband ******* well at the very same time my husband and i sat up on the bed and told each other that he was going to die this was around 4am we felt death was near but only for my husband we both where in a state of schock or disbelive that we couldnt go back to sleep we told many people about this event but no one really stoped to hear us out well 2 weeks later it was a beutifull saturday moring he had just came home with breakfast after we had breakfast my husband  and my 4 yr old and also my 15 yr old brother in law went outside my husband was working on our car i also joined them i started to play with my son and his friend from next door when  i looked up i seen a guy that just walked in our drive way i stood up and i seen him get a gun out his waist i stared to scream but by the time my husband looked up and saw him the guy was shootng at him this guy shoot my husband 6 time even in his face  my husband lived for 4 more days before he passed away i still dont know why we had this premanition  but i know there was a massege behind this event

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Did they get the person that did it?

Sorry for your loss wboy. There seems to be more to this story, was this man someone your husband knew? Was it a stranger? There just seems to be something missing.

I don't know if mine is what one may call a preminition but I had a very bad feeling when my husband left 03/14/09; one day after his 39th birthday. I started to cry so hard that tears feeled my face and neck and I tried to convince him not to go; he left and he died in a one vehicle car wreck early 03/15/09. What was that? Was it God telling me he was taking my husband or was God using me as a warning and my husband thought I worried too much?

I am sorry for your loss. Did you ever get a dream analysis? You still have a son and his memory will live through him.